5 Things Every Good Nigerian Citizen Must Do To Make Nigeria A Better Place

A citizen is a bonafide member of a country, with political rights and benefits, and is bound by the laws and regulations of that country. Citizenship is most acquired by birth, registration or naturalization. All the same, every living human possess one citizenship, or the other.

Nigerian, as a country, is blessed with over 200 million people, as at the last census that took place in 2006. Aside, she's blessed with diverse cultures and ethnic groups. Although, she hasn't managed the diversity well, on the political scale. Well, that's an issue for another day, or time.

The main purpose of this write-up is to educate the masses, on how to become a good citizen to the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In this article, I mentioned 5 important things every good citizen of Nigeria must do. They are listed below:

1. Obey All Laws And Regulations:
A good citizen is one that adhere to every laid down rules and regulations of his or her country. As a good citizen of Nigeria, you're expected to obey every damn regulation from the Government. Ranging from traffic laws, to finance laws, to penal codes, and the likes, you should not be found wanting. Okay?

2. Pay your Taxes:
Finance is a great element and key for every government administration. Funds are needed to execute projects, provide basic and social infrastructures, quality healthcare services. However, all these would be impossible without good access to capital. Although, the government have ways of generating revenue through foreign exchange, Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) can't be neglected as well. So, you have to pay your tax properly and regularly, as a good citizen of Nigeria.

3. Vote During Elections:
Your vote goes a long way in choosing the leaders and administrators of this blessed nation. You can't afford not be involved if you really care about the Nigerian development. Most often, I feel irritated when people complain about bad leadership and corruption, whereas these same set of people don't have Permanent Voters' Card (PVC), talkless of voting during elections. See, it's your civic and constitutional responsibility to vote and be voted for, during elections. A good citizen should note that!

4. Avoid Vandalism Of Public Properties:
Vandalism is a problem in Nigeria presently. Infact, it's a big threat to the economic development of this nation. When you destroy public facilities, the government have to spend huge amount of money to repair those properties. Meanwhile, people suffer for it, at the same time. Please, a good citizen knows that destroying public properties is wrong. Rather, you should engage in Community Development Projects, from time to time. It goes a long way, to aid the growth of this country.

5. Shun Crime And Social Vices:
A good citizen should avoid engaging in criminal activities. Social vices like armed robbery, kidnapping, 'yahoo yahoo,' prostitution, and so on. You know the rest of it. Please, run away from anything that poses a threat to social and public peace. Crime is not allowed by law, and you might get prosecuted for it. Run away from crime!

I can keep writing till eternity about this issue, but I want to please with you. Nigeria is ours, and it's development should be paramount in our minds. See, we don't have to depend on a 'Next-level' agenda of any administration before Nigeria can grow. It's the sum total of everyone's effort geared in the positive direction, that brings a resultant effect. And that effect is the change we desired.

The future and prosperity of Nigeria lies in the hands of every citizen. It begins with you and I. Be a good citizen!!!

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Amen!

What other things should a good citizen do, to improve the country?

Please, let's hear you in the comments section.

Photo Credit: Steemit.com
Written by Oduse David; Founder/CEO, Kings Media NG. 

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