Banning Okada In Lagos State Might Be Sanwo-Olu's Biggest Mistake In Life: Opinion

It's no longer news, as almost everyone is aware that the Lagos State Government, led by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has placed a ban on the operation of Okadas and tricycles in most parts of Lagos roads and highways.

According to the Governor, and the Commissioner for Transport in Lagos State; the ban on Okadas is necessary to ensure the safety of residents and indigenes of Lagos, popularly called Lagosians. The Commissioner revealed that a lot of crimes and social vices are being perpetrated by Okada riders.

Furthermore, the ban on motorcycles didn't go well with most Lagosians, as most employees and workers find it difficult to move from their homes to various offices, and places of work. According to public opinion, a lot of people have been trekking to and fro, from their places of work, every blessed morning and evening. It's so uncalled for!

In the light of the situation, it was reported that the Governor of Ogun State, Prince Dapo Abiodun has declared that the displaced Okada riders are welcome to operate, in any area of Ogun State. Although, some critics have condemned the announcement made by Dapo Abiodun, that he wants to increase tax revenue, without considering the security and safety implications it might cause to residents in the state. All the same, I believe it's a welcome development. The Lagos State Government is the one missing out here, I believe.

Most importantly, the ban on Okada riders and tricycle operators in Lagos State, will be the greatest mistake Sanwo-Olu have ever made in his life.

Remember, he was able to win the Gubernatorial election in the state, due to the fact that his Political God-father, in the person of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, had street credibility. It was the street credibility that earned him the Governorship seat at the State Secretariat at Ikeja, Alausa.

Now, that he banned Okada men which most of them constitute a larger proportion on the streets of Lagos, I'm quite sure the streets are no longer smiling due to the incapacitation placed on their means of livelihood.

If the streets are no longer smiling, it mean the street credibility of his God-father will start to diminish. Moreover, I trust Asiwaju, in that aspect. Once the horse begins to fumble, he simply change his ride to another horse. The implication is he might not secure the ticket for a second term once this present tenure expire.

Do you think the ban placed on Okada and tricycles, in Lagos State, is a good idea? Let's hear your opinions in the comments section. 

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