Coronavirus Outbreak Is Manufacured; It's Not An Epidemic - Opinion

The world is presently under pressure due to the influx Coronavirus, into the human sphere. The first case of the epidemic was recorded in China, few weeks ago. Consequently, every nation of the world has been taking protective measures against the most dreaded disease on the planet, presently.

Due to the presence of Coronavirus in the China, economic and trade relations with the affected country is being severed, thereby, causing an hike in prices of goods in countries that depends on Chinese products, including Nigeria.

However, it's my personal opinion that Coronavirus is an artificial disease that was manufactured inside a laboratory.

If you take a deep insight into the economic growth of China, in recent times, it's obvious to everyone that the Asian country has proven to take over the world. There have been technological advances in China which poses a big threat to United States and Russia, I believe.

Recall that the US recently launched an offensive against Iran, which killed a top General in the Iranian army. The crises made countries take sides with each, in which China stood on Iran's side, standing against USA and Russia.

Remember that the crises raised speculations of the possibility of a World War III. I believe this outbreak of Coronavirus is the handiwork of USA and Russia, in retaliation to China's opposition against them.

Why is it that the virus broke out in China, in the first place? The supposed causes of the disease is not justifiable. The real truth behind the epidemic isn't far-fetched, Coronavirus is a manufactured product of the United States. Believe me.

What do you think about this? Do you agree with the writer's opinion? Let's hear your views in the comments section.

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Written by Oduse David; Founder/CEO, Kings Media NG

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