4 Reasons Why Guys Should Consider Dating Female Soldiers

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Military ladies are much more abundant these days, as women are being motivated to engage in military service all over the world. But the problem that often arises is that most guys don't want to approach these female officers, talkless of dating them. That's quite unfair.

In this article, I wrote 4 reasons why guys should date military ladies. They are listed as follows:

1. Military Ladies Are Responsible: You heard that, right? Female officers are more responsible and reliable than their civillian counterparts because they have been subjected to extreme disciplined lifestyle, which makes them committed towards the dispensation of their duties. If you date one, be rest assured, you're dating a responsible woman.

2. Military Ladies are Submissive: Yeah. Female officers are proven to be more submissive to their male spouses because they understand the true meaning of submission, as their military career teaches them a lot about submitting to the commands of their superior officers, which in turn do make become more obediemt to their husbands and lovers, as well.

3. Military Ladies Are Intelligent: Hardly will you ever come across a female officers that is not smart and intelligent. Its even near to impossible. Over time, military officers are always of high intelligence due to the nature of their operations. Therefore, the female folks are not left behind, they are always as sound as their male colleagues.

4. Military Ladies Are Beautiful: This write-up will be incomplete without adding this attribute. Yes, military ladies are beautiful, attractive and cool. They're always looking neat and smart in their well-ironed camouflage uniforms. You'll hardly see one that isn't looking good. They carry the charisma to attract men's attention.

Like I always use to say, dating a female military personnel should be by personal choice. See, if you're not ready for something serious, don't attempt to date a female officer. If you date her and break her heart, my hand is not there. You'll dance to the melody of the music yourself.
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