5 Reasons Why Guys Should Never Date Female Soldiers

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Female soldiers are becoming much more nowadays, than what we used to have in the post-colonial era of Nigeria. It's not uncommon to meet female combatants here and there, as more women are being motivated to join the military service. 

Probably, it's a measure to engage women in the masculine dominated professions so as to bridge the gap of gender inequality in the African society. Well, that's an issue for another article.

In this article, I wrote 5 cool reasons why Nigerian guys should never consider dating a Female Soldier or Officer in the Nigerian Armed Forces, talkless of getting married to them. They are listed as follows:

1. Gross Insubordination: Female combatants are known to carry macho charismatic attributes like their male colleagues. Therefore, once you start dating one of them, she'll find it hard to submit to the wishes of their husband. She can even threaten to beat you, with the help of male soldiers, whenever a conflict arise in your relationship. Beware!

2. Little Attention: A female officer or soldier will rarely have time to spend with you, as military obligations won't give you guys the luxury of time to spend together. Therefore, unless you're fully ready to engage in a long distant relationship, dating a female soldier should be the last thing to do for you.

3. Infidelity: This is another reason why civillian guys should stay away from Female combatants. The rate of cheating and infidelity is said to be very high among female officers as they have to find their way through the sheets with male superiors before they are recommended for rank promotion. It's only a few faithfuls among them that are innocent of this. Well, to avoid stories that touch the heart, it's better to stay away.

4. Little Time For Family: Most female soldiers don't have time to do wifely activities when they get married eventually, as they are always on duty. You should be ready to cook for kids, bathe them, take them to school and do other things a wife is expected to do, if you're planning to marry one. If not, you should abstain from having emotional toes with them. They're not even emotional like a woman should do, in the first place.

5. Masculine Attributes: You might be dating a man like yourself if you're dating a female soldier. Do you that women are reffered to as "Men-in-Skirts" in the military? It's because the training they went through has made them tougher emotionally. Therefore, they're not always romantic and emotional like regular civillian ladies. Take note!


Well, dating a female soldier remains your personal choice. The points I discussed above should be considered first before dating one. But, if you can't cope with the reasons I discussed, dating a female soldiers isn't meant for you, then.

Your honest opinions and views will be respected in the comments section.

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