5 Ways To Make Nigerian Ladies Crush On You Easily

It's every guy's dream to be a woman for the girls. Most Nigerian guys want women to crush on them everytime. They want ladies to chase them too. But, it's not always the case as some even find it difficult to command ladies respect.

Are you one of them? Worry no more, as I discussed in this article few ways to make ladies crush on you. Some will even come and propose to you. They are highlighted as follows:

1. Look Good: 
The first thing to do in attracting ladies attention is to look good. You don't have to look like Trey Songz or Chris Brown before ladies will trip for you. When I say look good, you have to be presentable and a bit cool. If you look good, ladies will surely notice you wherever you go. Look good, my brother!

2. Be Confident: 
Confidence is a key thing that ladies look for in men they want to date. As a guy, you should be confident whenever you talk to ladies. It's a normal thing to be shy, but don't let your timidness kill your self-confidence, as ladies will surely detect it. If you lack it, work on your self-esteem and charisma, it'll surely boost your confidence in talking to ladies.

3. Be Intelligent: 
This is another way to win the heart of ladies. Intelligent guys have little difficulty in attracting ladies to themselves. If you think I'm lying, check out most Nigerian campuses, you'll see that almost every brilliant guy have a number of ladies crushing on them. If you want ladies to chase you here and there, strive to develop your IQ level. Girls will value you more.

4. Be Fashionable: 
I don't have to talk much on this point. Most girls are always attracted to men with cool dressing sense and swags. Well, you don't really need swagger to impress ladies. But you should be able to combine good dressing colours and attires. If you can do that, ladies will always notice you, and crush on you eventually.

5. Be Funny: 
One of the best way to attract ladies is a good sense of humour. It's has been proven that ladies easily fall in love with guys that make them laugh often. Someone once said that laughter is the best way to win a woman's heart. I don't know true it is, but it has been established that ladies love funny guys. So, work on your sense of humour to make ladies crush on you easily.

Do these 5 things and you'll see that ladies will always be crushing on you, here and there. Ladies, am I speaking your minds. Your opinions will be respected in the comments section.Thank you. 

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