Covid-19: 5 Lessons Every Nigerian Should Know After Coronavirus Pandemic Is Over

Covid-19 is deadly. It's not a doubt. Covid-19 is highly contagious. It's quite unarguable. Covid-19 has killed people, is killing people, and will still kill more innocent people, if meticulous care is not taken. It's an unquestionable fact. Beware, Coronavirus is real!

Dear reader, this is one of the perilous time in human history. The human atmosphere is presently under panic, as Covid-19 has proven to carry the imminent ability to wipe out the entire human race, unless a cure is improvised, as soon as possible. Or else, most Nations of the world will continue to be in self-isolation and lockdowns. 

The consequences may be grave, if this present condition persist for a longer period of time. I don't want to imagine it. Hopefully, I believe a solution will be developed soon. So, there's nothing real to worry about. Notwithstanding, everyone should stay safe at home.

The global epidemic is actually affecting the socio-economic activities of most countries in the world. Nigeria, and major countries in the Black Continent is not left behind.

While hundreds of coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Nigeria, the number of positive cases keep increasing day-by-day. 

Recently, it was announced that the Chief-of-Staff to President Buhari; Abba Kyari tested positive for Coronavirus, including some Governors, as well. This has shown that nobody, regardless of social status, is immune to the virus. Well, that's a story for another article.

Like I said earlier, everything will come to an end soon by God's grace. Covid-19 will become a thing of the past. But the main question is what will Nigerians learn from this epidemic, when Covid-19 is finally over?

In this article, I highlighted 5 lessons every Nigerian should learn from this present epidemic. They are discussed as follows:

1. No place like home:
Yeah. That's the real truth. There can never be any place like home. Remember that the virus started from China. As at then, many foreigners were quite present, including Nigerian immigrants. But, the outbreak made everyone to remember that there's a place called home, which is Nigeria.

And that's how Covid-19 got into the shores of Nigeria. Every Nigerian in diaspora started rushing back to Nigeria.

2. Never Depend On The Government:
This present outbreak revealed the flaws in the present Government. We all know that many individuals and corporate brands have donated huge amount of funds, so as to help the FG in providing relief to Nigerians. But, the FG has not been able to dispense relief materials to Nigerians, as the populace complain of hunger while in isolation at home.

3. Don't Trust Government Promises:
I'm very sure no one will ever trust the Nigerian Government, anymore, once the epidemic is over. The slow response to the provision of healthcare materials to public health facilities is a clear indicator to every citizen that the government can't be trusted.

4. The Government Lacks Transparency:
Remember that Abba Kyari was reported to have contracted the virus, and was tested to be positive. However, there are different school of thoughts about his whereabouts as rumours are spreading fast that the Chief-of-Staff to President Buhari might be dead. However, the FG has refused to clear the air of doubt about the present condition of Abba Kyari. This shows that the FG is not transparent in their dealings with Nigerians.

5. The Government is Nepotistic:
Yeah, everyone heard that the FG has started to share money to the poorest countries in Nigeria. But the questions still remain, "How do the FG identify the poorest households? What is the criteria that's being used to determine the poverty level of the households. It was reported that money was shared to poor families in Abuja, which is just a part of the Northern part of Nigeria. What about the Southern region? What about the Northern region.

This is a clear indicator that this present administration is nepotistic in nature, and will surely remain the same till 2023. Nigerians should wise up!

These 5 lessons are important things every Nigerian should learn and realize, once Covid-19 is finally gone for good.

Remember, a popular figure once said, "People depend on Politicians to solve their problems, without realizing that their problems were created by Politicians, in the first place." Ponder on it.

Let me hear your personal opinions in the comments section! 

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