10 Reasons Why Guys Should Never Date Runs Girls

It's not a uncommon sight to see runs girl on the streets every night, in most urban areas in Nigeria. These girls the means of their respective livelihoods from laying with men, in exchange for monetary gains. It's so unfortunate. 'Wetin man go do?'

It's quite unarguable that these set of ladies are someone's girlfriend out there, without them knowing that their girlfriends are runs girls.

Here are few reasons why guys should never date runs girls:

1. She might infect you with STD.
2. She will never be committed to you, if you marry them eventually.
3. You might end up with a bad reputation for the attrocities she've done in the past.
4. Runs girls are renowned for the expensive lifestyle they live. Your pocket might be hitting the rocks regularly, if you want to satisfy her needs.
5. You might be unable to satisfy her on the sheets. You should know what I mean here.
6. Runs girls won't have time for you. They'll always be moving from here to there.
7. A runs girl won't even add any significant value to your life. She will rather drag you down.
8. Dating a runs girl is like using a public facility. She'll never belong to you, exclusively.
9. Runs girls are not trustworthy people. She can dump you anytime for greener pastures.
10. Lastly, you might not enjoy her anymore as her soil is no longer rich in humus. You what I mean. The road to Heaven is no longer narrow. Lol!!!

In conclusion, dating a runs girl is by choice, anyways. You might end up dating a runs girl that may add value to your destiny. Who knows? Just be careful if you have a girlfriend that do runs.
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