4 Reasons Why Ladies Should Never Date Military Men

Military Men are known to be strong, disciplined and committed to the dispensation of their officials duties. They sacrifice a lot of their energy, time and most importantly, their lives, so that everyone of us can go about freely with out being attacked by external enemies of the State.

Well, despite the fact that put a lot on the line to protect us, most soldiers are not good dating partners. They don't even make good husbands. Why? In this article, I wrote 4 reasons why ladies should not attempt to date a military man. They are listed as follows;

1. Military Men Are Promiscous: 
I once had an opportunity to talk to a senior officer of the Nigerian Air Force, in 2017. During the short discussion, he told me that his wife and family stay in Ogun State while his base is at Makurdi, in Benue State. He went ahead to disclose that he have girlfriends in every state he'll travel across from Ogun to Benue State. 

Well, I wasn't suprised with his statement because most military men are professional cheaters. If you can't afford to share your man with someone else, don't date a military man.

2. Military Men Don't Have Time For Family:
 I don't need to talk much here because everyone knows that these people are always out of town to protect our territories, so they won't have time to cater for their families. And when they come around, they don't stay for long. So, if you're the attention monger type, dating a military man isn't the best option for you.

3. Military Men Are Not Romantic: Most of these military are not romantic at all. They are always looking serious even when they're with their partners. They don't have good sense of humor, as well. You'll rarely see them laugh. You should consider this before dating one.

4. Military Men Smoke & Drink A Lot: Yeah, most military officers are chain-smokers and drunkards. They can't live a single day without litting the matches or corking a bottle. It's in their DNA. So, if you're someone that detest smoking and alcohol, you should stay away from military men, then.

I can go on and on about reasons why ladies should never date Military Men. Well, it remains your personal choice if you wanna do. Just put these points at the back of your 'medulla' before dating one. 

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