5 Reasons Why Nigerian Ladies Love To Date Yahoo Boys

Who is a yahoo boy? A Yahoo boy is referred to as someone who engage in fraudulent activities, to rob innocent and unsuspecting victims of their hard-earned money. 

Most often, the victims are White people who are looking for online love. It's quite unfortunate that these victims usually end up with fraudsters who take advantage of their emotional weaknesses to scam them.

Kudos to the efforts of EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) officials, who have been well in tackling the vices of yahoo boys in our society.

Furthermore, Nigerian ladies are renowned to be inclined to rich young men in their choices of potential dating partners. It's quite common that an average Nigeria lady will prefer to date a rich Yahoo boy, instead of dating an hardworking not-so-rich guy. Why do they do that?

In this article, I highlighted 10 good reasons why Nigerian ladies love to date Yahoo boys. They are listed as follows;

1. Yahoo boys are more expensive than normal average guys. Due to the huge amounts of money they get from their victims, they have the capacity to spend money on expensive gadgets, wears, cars and so on. It's the biggest reason why our ladies are emotionally drawn to these boys.

2. Yahoo boys are said to be caring than other guys. Yeah, Yahoo boys can afford to do anything to please the ladies they want. Most often, these guys do the caring stuffs to make these ladies hold on to them. In the long run, though, they're not actually caring like they seem.

3. Yahoo Boys are more independent than other guys, as they can afford to get permanent resident homes of their own, while the other guys are still dwelling in their parents' homes. It's another reason why our ladies prefer Yahoo boys.

4. Yahoo boys look more fashionable. Due to their desire to look like big men, Yahoo boys often wear expensive clothings and fashionable wears, which in turn drags the attention of ladies to them.

5. Greed is another reason why ladies date Yahoo boys. The average Nigerian lady knows that these guys earn their livelihoods through fraud. Yet, greed do make them stick to these boys, because of the monetary benefits they get from them.

What other reasons do you know? Please, drop them in the comments section.
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