Don't Date Broke Guys For These 4 Reasons

Dating is fun, when love, care and trust is involved. But most importantly, dating is more fun when money is involved. Even the Bible says that, "money answereth all things."

You see how it works? If you want to be happy and fulfilled in your relationships, you should never attempt dating a broke guy. Why? In this article I highlighted few reasons why you should never date broke guys.

They're are listed as follows:

1. Broke boys are the lazy type. Yes, you should be more concerned if your boyfriend is broke when others are making it. It can mean that he's not doing the right things, or he's lazy. Although, there are few cases where hardworking boys are broke, but it's not a legit reason to date a broke boy.

2. Broke boys cheat the most: Due to their joblessness, they've have the luxury of time to cheat with other ladies while you're not around with them. It's also possible that they can dump you, when they meet another lady that'll spend money on him. It's a shameless thing, anyways.

3. A broke boy might not marry you: There's an high tendency that he won't marry as he's still struggling to put things in place. So, when he finally make it, he might dump for an hotter cake. So, be careful with broke guys.

4. Broke boys are unreliable: Most broke boys are not reliable, as well. Some are not even trustworthy. They can engage in any sort of crime to make things end. That's why we have a huge number of yahoo boys in our communities. So, if you date a broke boy, you might, as well be dating a potential criminal. Stay woke!! 

Dating a broke guy remains your personal choice, as we have few of them that doesn't do things I mentioned above. Anyways, to be on a safer side, you should stay far away from broke boys. They do more harm than good.

What do you think about this topic? Your opinions will be respected in the comments section. 

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