See 5 Terrible Habits Nigerians Must Drop, In 2020

Nigerians are funny people. After Nigerians, it's still Nigerians. You can never compare them with any other set of people, all over the world. We're just too unique.

Despite the fact that Nigerian are wonderful people, there are some terrible habits that are peculiar to almost every Nigerian. The elites citizens are not left out, as well.

In this article, I mentioned five of these terrible habits that Nigerians must drop, if we are to progress as one people. They're listed as follows:

1. Breaking Traffic Laws:

This is one of the most common habit that's peculiar to most Nigerians, especially Lagosians. Everyday, you'll see motorists taking 'one ways', or driving through prohibited routes. More so, most drivers are fond of ignoring traffic lights and road signs. Kudos to TRACE (Traffic and Road Compliance Enforcement Corps) and FRSC (Federal Road Safety Corps) for the role they play in nabbing traffic offenders. Nevertheless, Nigerians should drop this habit because the lives of other road users is at risk when one ignore traffic laws. Let's be guided!

2. Dumping Refuse In Drainages:

Nigerians are also fond of dumping waste and refuse inside drainages and gutters. The implication is that the drainage network get blocked, which leads to unnecessary stagnant water in our neighborhoods. This habit is mostly common in low class residential areas, ghettos and slums. Well, it's another terrible habit we should drop in 2020, if we are concerned about our environmental safety.

3. Littering The Environment:

You'll hardly go to anywhere in Nigeria, without seeing litters of satchet nylons and papers all over the streets. It's typical for most Nigerians to throw away waste materials, such as satchet water nylons, paper food wrappers and so on, into their immediate environment. It doesn't speak well of us, as civilized set of people. Please, let's stop this habit too, in 2020.

4. Selling On The Road:

I don't even have to talk much about this habit. It's a normal thing now for street vendors to sell their wares on major roads and pedestrian routes. Futhermore, Lagosians are fond of selling goods in traffic jams. This is something we need to improve on. I'll implore us to make use of market stalls and approved commercial areas to sell our wares.

5. Erecting Signposts At Junctions:

This is another bad habit Nigerians are fond of. Most often, you'll hardly get to any junction in Nigeria without seeing dozens of signposts ranging from Church boards, Commercial boards and the likes. Some will even compete to outshine one another with signposts. It doesn't speak well for us. If you travel abroad to Europe, you'll see that they don't usually do this, and when they do, they make use of tall signposts. Using signposts at junctions do block motorists from seeing properly while navigating that junction. Please, let's stop this habit, as well.


There are scores of other unpalatable habits that Nigerians do exhibit and potray, but I've decided to write about these five habits. It will go a long way in our social and environmental development, if we stop doing these things.

What other things should Nigerians stop doing? Let's hear your honest opinions in the comments section.

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