5 Reasons Why Ladies Don't Marry Some Categories Of Men

Getting a lady to date is quite cheap, or let me say it's overrated. Dating is no longer practiced the same way our parents did dating, back in those days.

Back then, the main purpose of dating is to ascertain the compability of two prospective couples in marriage. However, the reverse is the case in modern day era. Dating is done by almost all folks with the adolescent age bracket. Most often, people date just for the fun and social recognition that come along, with it.

Although, it's very easy to get into a dating relationship, a lot of bachelors out there, find it quite complicated and difficult to make ladies marry them.

Why? The idea of dating is different from marriage, from a lady's perspective. In this article, I wrote 5 things you must have before the average lady will agree to marry you. They're listed as follows;

1. Financial Independence
I don't have to say this again. At this point in time, you should be quite in the know that ladies won't even consider you, if your pocket is not looking handsome. Yeah, a decent level of financial Independence is needed before you even think of proposing marriage to a woman. 

Even the scriptures says, "money answereth all things." However, you don't have to be a millionaire before you can approach ladies. No, at least, you should be financially independent to take care of bills. I can't emphasize this enough, "Marriage without money will be chaotic." 

So, if ladies are shying from you whenever you bring up the idea of marriage, check yourself if you're financially up to the task. If you can answer that, then women won't be avoiding marrying you. 

2. Maturity and Self-reliance
This is another factor ladies will look for before saying "yes" to your marriage proposal. No sensible woman will want to settle down with a man that still depends on his parents to make decisions for him. 

You must be matured enough to determine what's wrong or right for you. You should be man enough to cater for yourself. If you're a momma's pet, I bet it, no lady will agree to marry you. More so, you should be self-reliant enough to do things independently. 

If you're still living under your parent's roof, there's high possibility that the average lady will see you, as someone that's not self-reliant yet. So, before proposing to a woman, check yourself if you're self-reliant.

3. Emotional Stability
The average lady out there, is weak emotionally. It's a popular opinion that women are weaker than men, in terms of emotional strength. A woman wants someone she can share her insecurities and fears with. 

A woman want a man that can accommodate her whenever she's in a bad mood. Women want someone that can console them when they're emotionally down. So, if ladies are rejecting your marriage proposals, check this aspect if you're not lacking.

4. Intellectual Capacity
It's expected of every man to be knowledgeable in a few number of disciplines. Women are quite inclined to men that have something sensible to say whenever a controversial topic comes up. 
If you can't make valuable contribtions during a public discussion, no sensible woman will want to settle down with you. 

I'm not saying you have to bag a Doctorate Degree, what I'm saying in essence, is that you should endeavour to grab knowledge in few fields of interest. It makes you more attractive to women. 

If you're lacking in this aspect, don't expect a positive response from the academically inclined ladies.

5. A Moderate Level of Personal Hygiene
This is another aspect where men lose potential female partners. A good level of personal cleanliness is required to attract women. See, no responsible woman will agree to marry a man that can't take care of himself properly. 

Ask yourself, if you can't take care of yourself, how will you be able to take proper care of a family? That's what a woman will conclude, once she notices you're not neat. 

A close aunt of mine once broke up with a prospective fiance because of this reason. She said she cringes whenever she goes to her former lover's place, because the man was just too untidy. 

This is the same reason why most ladies rejects proposal from men. Start cultivating the attitude of cleanliness if you want her to stay with you.

There are few other reasons why most ladies won't settle down with some guys, no matter how rich or handsome they look. Anyways, these five points listed above are the most frequent reasons why ladies say "NO" to marriage requests from men. 

If you find yourself defaulting in any of these categories, it's not too late to start working on that weakness. Nobody is perfect, but you should be perfect enough for your potential fiancee. 
Thanks for reading.

Drop your opinions and questions in the comments section. I'll do well to answer your queries.

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