Men! Date A Female Soldier, If You Want These 6 Benefits

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In a world where every nation in the world is placing much emphasis on the security of their citizens' lives and properties, it's quite pertinent to note that we have a rising number of ladies going into the military service.

The question is, who will date these gallant women? Virtually, most guys do shy away from the idea of dating female soldiers, probably because of their tough nature and the likes. 

However, the reverse is the case. Most female soldiers are beautiful, soft-hearted, romantic, submissive and responsibile. This is one of the reasons why guys should consider dating female soldiers.

If you're still doubting me, here are 6 benefits you get when you date a female soldier. They're listed as follows;

1. Nobody will have the effontery to look for your trouble. Definitely, nobody will ever try you, whenever they know the calibre of the woman you have, in your life. You will enjoy it, man!

2. Your landlord will treat you with respect. Yeah! Peradventure you stay in a rented apartment, your landlord will never try any rubbish with you. Even if you're owing him rent, he'll take extra caution when dealing with you.

3. You're free from other ladies harassing you. This is another benefit of dating a female soldier. Once the ladies in your neighborhood get awre that you have a soldier girlfriend, they won't ever dare harass or talk to you, anyhow.

4. She can act as your debt collector. She'll be helpful if anyone is owing you money. As a lady, it's quite easy for her to carry her male colleagues along. Sincerely, the debtor will be the one to remind you about his debts, this time around.

5. Policemen will avoid you. If you have a soldier girlfriend, policemen will never look for your trouble. Anytime you have problems with the police, a phone call or text message to her will always bail you out. Infact, they may have to mark you as a sacred cow, that shouldn't be disturbed, anymore. You see that?

6. You're immune to the so-called "Danfo" drivers. You can always call your soldier bae whenever you have a rift with all these "agbero" drivers and tout drivers. If anything happens, all you need to do is cross their car with yours, and make a majestical call to your powerful girlfriend. Even if she can't make it to that place, you can be rest assured that she'll send some fierce male colleagues to bail you out.

With all these advantages I listed above, will you still run away, whenever the opportunity to date a female soldier arise? I guess, no.
Men, can you date a female soldier? 
Drop your answers and contributions in the comments section.

Oduse David is a Digital Journalist that writes content based on national and social issues.

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